Though we are in Ecuador, we still have a US phone number. The phone service is through the internet, so when our internet goes out (which does happen on a somewhat regular basis) the phone won't ring-- but you could still leave us a message! But more often than not, when you call our US number, a physical phone rings right here in our home. Please feel free to call us anytime-- we'd love to chat with you!

Our US phone number:    607.256.6894

E-mail us:      

Snail mail to Ecuador:         Youth World/Mundo Juvenil
                                                Attn: Jim and Suzy Olsen
                                                Pablo Herrera OE4-105PB Alvarez Del Corro
                                                (Detrás de Teleamazonas (Canal 4))
                                                Quito, Ecuador
                                                South America
                                                *Please do NOT send boxed packages to this address in Ecuador. Padded envelopes are fine, 
                                                  but boxes are very expensive for you and us and often cause us more trouble than good! Thank you!

Snail mail in the US:             Jim and Suzy Olsen
                                                707 Woodland Loop
                                                Fergus Falls, MN 56537

                                                 *If you really want to send us a boxed package, you can mail boxes to this US address. But 
                                                   even better would be to call us and coordinate with us to mail a box to a team in the US that
                                                   would be coming down to serve with us. This is by far the best method.

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