We have a strong desire to surround ourselves in prayer. We know that God moves in powerful ways and having the privilege to talk to Him personally is something we don't want to take for granted. Having individuals like you thinking of us and praying for us is such a blessing; as such, we desire to keep you up to date regarding our current prayer needs and requests-- and we'll let you know when God has answered our prayers!

Current Prayer Requests:

1. For the people of Ecuador, and specifically those in our town, Calacalí: Pray that God would use us to reveal His truth and love as we build more and more relationships in our town and with people around Ecuador. 

2. For our family: We'r excited to be a family of six, but having 4 very little ones running around has it's challenges. Pray for balance, peace, and wisdom as we care for our kids and family.

3. For El Refugio's ministry partners in the jungle: We have several locations in the jungle that we go to with short-term teams in the summers. Pray that we would continue to reinforce strong relationships with those we serve with as we bring teams to support the ministry that they're doing.

4. For continued work at El Refugio: Pray that as we work at El Refugio, all that we do would further the ministry and glorify God, bringing life to Believers and growing the Kingdom in His name. 

In addition to prayer, financial support is always a need we have. Giving occasionally, annually, and monthly are all helpful. If you're interested in joining our support team to help our ministry in Ecuador, visit our support page.